Trivium Method

The Trivium Method

is a recognized aspect of how consciousness processes reality. The basics of the trivium methodology are described as a 3-step process:

1. Grammar – Input – Knowledge
2. Logic – Processing – Understanding
3. Rhetoric – Output – Wisdom

Grammar is the knowledge that we input from our senses about the external existence of reality in the universe. This is the Primacy of Existence that we consume and reap into us to be affected and influenced in our subjective multiverse of consciousness. This is what is generated in existence that we can come to know about. Existence teaches us if we care to learn.

Logic is the understanding gained through processing the grammar knowledge input. Logic helps us understand why certain things exist, why things are the way they are, in reality, inferring and deducing what the root causal source for various expressions of being likely are. We do this by integrating knowledge to understand and bring more validity and veracity to it. Integrate, unite, correspond, arrange, connect and link knowledge in non-contradiction. This is the Power of Consciousness. We can further develop intelligence, care, courage and the will to act in the world.

Rhetoric is usually associated with dialogue, to speak what we have come to understand about certain aspects of existence. This is the output of wisdom from understand, as well as the output of wise action in our behavior and actions that are derived from how we think, understanding and make sense of the grammar knowledge input received about existence. The output phase is where we generate back into reality to sow and create effects that will affect and influence the objective universe. Where we originally cared to consume and learn about the objective universe, now we care to generate, teach and output something back out into the Primacy of Existence.

This is a basic functionality of higher order consciousness that human animals possess. The degree of functionality in this Trivium Method of thinking and processing reality can be developed further. We walk these three paths in consciousness in order to live.

This site will feature the work I have done to explain how this methodology is found in how we live. For works done by others, please go to the Resources page to find books and articles. The Recent Work section has material that is related to this methodology, but may not exclusively deal with the topic.

Metaphysics, Language and Reality: Fundamentals

The basics of metaphysics as used in language to represent reality and conceive of reality. This presentation is based on Sister Merriam Joseph’s book, which is based on Aristotle’s works on philosophical metaphysics. The focus of this presentation is to relate the importance of philosophical metaphysics and language as they reflect explanations of reality itself, such as reality and ideas reflected in the symbols of language, the categories of being, universals and particulars, matter and form, and how predication functions.


Language and Reality

Learn how to think and learn properly in order to understand Natural Moral Law. This 5 part presentation deals with how we live and think in this 3-step process throughout our lives. Logic and thinking is fundamental to our ability to navigate reality. There are many negative manipulations that factor into our inability to understand the reality we live in.


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